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8 Beginner Tips And Tricks For Brotato

The early access version of Brotato is a fun and unique roguelite. Here are some tips for people who want to play it.

Independent arena shooter Brotato is currently in Early Access. In this game, the player controls a fighter potato on a planet from another galaxy. Players can choose from a number of Brotatos to play as, and all of them can use up to six weapons at the same time to easily kill hordes of enemies that rush at them.

Brotato can be hard, even though it looks and plays like a simple game. It has fast-paced gameplay because the player has to fight to stay alive through several intense 60-second waves in order to reach the final boss fight. New players may have trouble getting used to how hard Brotato is at first, but here are some tips and tricks for them.

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