Custom Packaging Design Ideas

How Packaging Can Take Your Brand to the Next Level

If you have been running your business for years but haven’t got the desired outcome, it’s time to implement effective marketing strategies. To change the buying behavior of your potential customers, it is important to use effective packaging boxes for your products as it makes a big deal for a brand. Packaging is a low-budget marketing tool that advertises and promotes your brand. Buying products packed inside plain boxes can take away the charm from your customers and make them switch to other brands. Before things get worse, your brand needs to come up with engaging packaging to make products stand out. A recent analysis of Custom Packaging in Los Angeles shows how important packaging is when it comes to increasing your brand sales.

Custom packaging has a wide range of benefits compared to traditional packaging, as it gives the freedom to choose every design element of your choice, from material to printing method to finishing technique. 

To help you out, we have come up with some packaging ideas to help your brand stand out.

Tips to Use for Upgrading Your Packaging Boxes

To start your design process, you should align with your brand’s nature and what product categories it produces. It helps you think out of the box and allows you to choose design elements that match your brand’s personality. What else? The following steps can help you with how you should design your packaging.

Customer Persona

Learning about your targeted audience can help you come up with more engaging packaging boxes for your products. Your potential customers have some requirements, and learning about them can give your brand an edge to win over competitors. Think about what your product is,  how you can make it stand out using attractive packaging, and what packaging design elements can increase the worth of your goods. To improve customer experience, your brand needs to think of the consumer end. It helps your brand to come up with the best ideas that can represent your brand in the market. 

Packaging Materials

Multiple packaging materials are available you can choose from, such as kraft paper, corrugate paper, cardboard sheets, rigid paper, etc. The other most concerning factor while choosing material for packaging boxes is its eco-friendly nature. These above-mentioned materials are made up of partially or completely recyclable. People pay attention to box material and how sustainable it is. Mentioning the eco-friendly packaging material creates a powerful statement of your brand and urges customers to buy your products. However, choosing a material depends on the nature of your products. 

For high-end goods, rigid boxes are the most suitable packaging solution as they are durable and sturdy in nature. From low to medium-weight objects, your brand can choose kraft boxes. They are easy to collapsible and give the freedom to fold the boxes into multiple dimensions. This feature of kraft paper makes it a versatile and flexible option for your product packaging. 

Artwork Graphics

Printing designs on packaging is more like what you want your customers to see your products. To create a lasting impression on customers, make sure you come with unique and engaging packaging designs. It involves color schemes, design elements, product information, etc. All these design elements are important as they define who your brand is and what product quality you provide. Choosing an engaging color scheme and printing your company’s logo and name give an elegant appearance to overall packaging. 

Printing Techniques

There is a wide range of printing techniques that are used to enhance your packaging boxes. These printing techniques include lithography, digital printing, flexography, inkjet, etc. Every material comes with its own suitable printing method. If we take the example of rigid boxes, lithography or offset printing technique is the best option for it. 

Finishing Methods

To improve overall packaging appearance, you can choose a finishing technique that protects your design and makes it long-lasting. These finishing methods include embossing, debossing, UV spot finishing, silkscreen finishing, matte finishing, etc. If we talk about embossing and debossing, they are used to highlight the artwork or your company’s logo. Matte finishing also gives your packaging boxes a soft-to-touch surface and smooth appearance. These methods do not allow your design colors to fade away. When customers see your packaging boxes, they pick your products, which leads to high sales. 

The Bottom Line

Using custom packaging can take your brand to the next level. To build a unique recognition, it is important to use packaging as an effective marketing tool. Make sure your packaging boxes for your products are unique and engaging and can attract your potential audience. The above tips for creating appealing packaging can help your brand stand out in the crowd. At Pro Custom Packaging, we hear the thoughts of our customers and provide them with the best-designed boxes to highlight the products. You can get our quality packaging services at wholesale rates!

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