How to Draw Shopkins Easily

How to Draw Shopkins. Every week, millions of families worldwide head out to do their grocery shopping. It’s usually seen as a boring job, but it would be a lot more interesting if the different products were likable characters!

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That’s essentially what the Shopkins toy line aims to show, as it takes everyday foods and shows just how cute they can be. There are many different types, and learning to draw shopkins is a great way to create your unique twist.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know exactly how to do it!

Our step-by-step How to Draw Shopkins tutorial in just 6 steps will show you everything you need to know to draw one of these adorable products.

How to Draw Shopkins

Step 1

In this tutorial on how to draw shopkins, we will depict a small cupcake character.

However, this is only one possibility, and you could use what you learn in this guide later when designing many more characters for your product.

First, let’s draw the “body” of this cupcake. To do this, use a curved line with the sharp sides going up to form a rounded square shape.

Next, we’re going to use some wavy lines over this shape for the icing on the cupcake. The top of this icing will be empty for now, but we’ll fill it soon.

Next, draw thin, rounded shapes on the sides for this shop’s little arms.

Step 2

To continue this drawing of Shopkins, we will draw the face and some other details on it in this second step. Draw two relatively large circles in the body of the cupcake for the eyes.

Next, draw smaller circular shapes inside these eye contours and add some lashes on the outside. You can then use a few small, simple lines for the nose, eyebrows, and mouth.

Next, draw two small stub legs sticking out from the bottom of the shopping and make small loops on them. At the end, he will also hold a small chopstick with an apple.

To finish, draw a few curved lines in the icing, then add a rounded triangular shape that pops up next to another arch.

Step 3

For this third step of our How to draw Shopkins guide, we will put some frosting on top. Draw more curved lines for the icing side.

You should move inward as you draw, as this will cause the frosting pile to thin out the higher you get.

Then add more wavy lines to get some texture detail. Then we can continue with step 4 of the guide to further add to this image.

Step 4

You are now ready to finish the outline of this Shopkins drawing as you finish the outline. We’ll focus primarily on the top of the frosting on the cupcake.

Use curved lines for the sides and let them get thinner towards the top. The tip of the glaze is pointed but slightly rounded.

Then add more of those wavy texture lines over that final area of the frosting.

Now that you’ve fully completed the pattern for this Shopkins design, you’re ready to put the finishing touches on the next step of the tutorial.

Step 5

Before we get to the last step of this how-to-draw Shopkins guide, we will make some final touches to bring this image to life.

To do this, we will draw some fun sprinkle shapes around the frosting of this cupcake.

These cupcakes will take different shapes. We used some small round and rectangular shapes for these patches, but you can use some additional shapes too!

There are other ways to complement this image as well. You can add some details to the background, add some extra accents, or even completely change the design to create a new Shopkins theme!

Step 6

In this final phase of this Shopkins drawing, we’ve shown you one of the endless ways to color your creation.

In our example, we used yellow for the Shopkin body and blue for the glaze. We then incorporated shades of pink into some of the sprinkles and accessories for this shopkin.

You can also choose these colors if you like them, but you can also use your own unique colors!

Another great idea would be to incorporate craft items like beads and small stickers to make the image stand out.

Your Shopkins Drawing is Finished!

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