NVIDIA Omniverse Lets You View Scenes In VR Ray Traced

Omniverse XR allows you to view 3D scenes in VR with real-time ray tracing.

NVIDIA describes it as “the primary full-fidelity, totally ray traced VR”.

Omniverse XR helps importing extremely advanced USD file scenes with tens of hundreds of thousands of polygons. In contrast to sport engines, since full ray tracing is used no preprocessing or compiling is required. Inside VR objects may be repositioned and rescaled, and the lighting will adapt in actual time.

The appliance interfaces with SteamVR, so theoretically ought to work with any PC headset. Nonetheless, solely the Oculus Contact and HTC Vive controllers are formally supported as enter units.

In fact, real-time ray tracing in digital actuality isn’t any simple feat. NVIDIA lists the minimal required GPU as an RTX 3080 Ti, and the beneficial requirement as two RTX 3090s with NVLink. To assist with efficiency, Omniverse XR has in-built static foveated rendering so solely the middle of the lens is rendered in full decision. NVIDIA says the precise approach used right here is “constructed particularly for real-time ray tracing”.

While definitely an fascinating experiment, these demanding settings are a great reminder of simply how a lot computing energy will probably be wanted to energy really photorealistic VR working in real-time some day.

Omniverse XR may be downloaded contained in the Omniverse launcher.

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