1,000 Free Airdrops in 2023, MEXC Setting a New Launchpad Benchmark

1,000 Free Airdrops in 2023, MEXC Setting a New Launchpad Benchmark

MEXC, a leading player in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by orchestrating over 1,000 free airdrop events in 2023, surpassing industry standards and capturing the attention of the crypto community. This unprecedented initiative sets a new benchmark for airdrop campaigns, signaling a paradigm shift in the dynamics of user engagement with digital assets.


In 2023, the cryptocurrency world is buzzing with excitement as MEXC Exchange announces its plan to offer a staggering 1,000 free airdrops, setting a new benchmark for launchpad initiatives. With this ambitious move, MEXC is not only aiming to attract new users but also solidify its position as a leading platform for innovative token launches. The prospect of such an extensive offering of free tokens is bound to create ripples in the crypto community and could potentially redefine how launchpads operate in the future.


This bold maneuver by MEXC signifies a strategic leap into uncharted territory and showcases their commitment to fostering growth and engagement within the cryptosphere. By offering such an unprecedented number of free airdrops, MEXC is poised to disrupt the traditional model of token distribution and pave the way for new standards in the industry. Additionally, this initiative has the potential to democratize access to promising projects and foster greater inclusivity within the cryptocurrency ecosystem—ushering in a new era characterized by abundance and opportunity for all participants.


MEXC’s free airdrop events are a result of the company’s Launchpad and Kickstarter programs. To participate, users must maintain a minimum of 1,000 MX tokens in their spot wallet for 30 days. After this period, participants can commit their MX tokens to a non-lockup mechanism, enabling them to receive daily free airdrops. This process allows users to continue benefiting from airdrop events as long as their spot wallet maintains a balance of 1,000 MX tokens or more.

MEXC’s Free Airdrop Performance in 2023

According to Globe Newswire, in 2023 alone, MEXC organized an impressive total of 1,287 free airdrop events, contributing to a cumulative prize pool of $97 million. Participants, on average, are earning $1,800 USDT worth of airdrops, highlighting the profitability of MEXC’s initiative.

The surge in popularity of MEXC’s airdrop events can be attributed to the substantial profits users are accruing. Success stories within the MEXC community showcase significant earnings made through these free airdrop events, with members seizing the opportunity to enhance their portfolios and capitalize on the generous distribution of free tokens.

Looking ahead, the likelihood of MEXC’s free airdrop events concluding in 2023 appears slim, given the platform’s sustained momentum and outstanding performance. As of the latest update, MEXC has surpassed its own record for the most airdrop events in a single week, concluding an impressive 62 events just before December 25, 2023. The unwavering support from the community further solidifies the notion that cryptocurrency enthusiasts can still join the event and partake in the potential profits offered by MEXC’s free airdrop initiatives.

Comparison Between Launchpad Performance From Different Exchanges

Exchanges Project Number of Events Concluded
MEXC Launchpad + Kickstarter 1,287
Binance Launchpad 80
Bitget Launchpad + Launchpool 71
Kucoin Spotlight 29
Bybit Launchpad 25
OKX Jumpstart 13
WhiteBit Launchpad 3

Comparing different cryptocurrency exchanges, MEXC has emerged as the frontrunner, having successfully executed a remarkable 1,287 events through its Launchpad and Kickstarter initiatives. Following closely, Binance secured the second position, concluding 80 events exclusively through its Launchpad.

Bitget claimed the third spot with a combined total of 71 events, leveraging both Launchpad and Launchpool platforms. Kucoin, through its Spotlight program, wrapped up 29 events, while Bybit’s Launchpad saw the successful conclusion of 25 events. OKX’s Jumpstart program held its ground with 13 events, and WhiteBit’s Launchpad brought up the rear with a total of 3 successfully concluded events.

This recap underscores the varied strategies employed by these exchanges, each utilizing specific platforms such as Launchpad, Kickstarter, Launchpool, Spotlight, and Jumpstart to actively engage their communities across numerous events. MEXC’s noteworthy achievement in hosting an extensive array of events reflects its dedication to fostering community involvement and participation within the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, MEXC’s commitment to fostering community engagement through innovative and lucrative airdrop events has positioned the platform as a trailblazer in crypto space. This commitment reshapes industry standards and provides users with unparalleled opportunities for financial growth.


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