Best Tarot Card Reader in India

Today’s tarot cards seeker has a wide selection of playing cards to choose from, including classic decks, which were first produced in 1909, and a variety of hip and original decks.


Tarot is a time-honoured method for developing effectively and gaining understanding. Many people have utilised Tarot readers to uncover the truth and get fresh insight into their relationships, careers, and other major secrets in life.


The universal themes that appear in your lives: joy, struggle, overcoming, and more are represented by each tarot card, which communicates the language of the unconscious mind. You can explore your mind and let the jump of inner wisdom flow to you with the help of online tarot readings.

Best Tarot Card Readers in India

Puja Bhatia, Shiv Ram, and Chhavi Upadhyaya have many years of experience utilising tarot cards to assist people. They are all tarot card readers.


They have served clients on every continent of the world while assisting them in gaining knowledge about their future, finances, health, relationships, and love.


Tarot card reader, solutions, counselling, and providing guidance aligns with their core opinion of helping others. They are the best tarot card readers in India. By providing you with accurate readings, they provide solutions to all of your problems. You heal by using tarot cards which help you find solutions, joy, and inner peace.


Tarot cards provide lots of information about your current life. For a very long time, people have used tarot cards to tell destinies, predict the future, look into the past, and get information about the present. There are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana and 22 in the tarot’s Major Arcana. The Major Arcana cards describe the momentous events in your life, while the Minor Arcana cards inform you of ordinary circumstances. They are the Best Tarot Reader in India and have worked with tarot cards for more than 15  years at Tarot Card Reader.

What is a Trump Card?

The Trump Card, also called Major Arcana, consists of twenty-one numbered cards and one Fool card with no number. As they travel through each card, known as the Fool’s Journey, this character plays an important role in the Trump Card, with lessons along the way.


A Trump card’s appearance will impact the entire reading because they are frequently complicated and significant. It frequently performs as a catalyst for reflection on the larger lessons and other themes of your life.

What is Minor Arcana?

The Minor Arcana has 56 cards that speak to the particular struggles of daily life and our current circumstances.


They stand in for our ideas, emotions, past, and present. These playing cards are linked to short energy currently affecting your life and are easy to change. The Minor Arcana cards are divided into four tarot cards, each of which deals with a different aspect of our lives.


The wands’ flashy cards stand for initiation, energy, creativity, and sensibility. The Cup is the love card, and it stands for sentiments, emotions, and initiation. The Swords represent our words, actions, and intellectually motivated thoughts and the

Oracle represents the world of actual things and offers advice regarding finances, career choices, and material goods.

How to Spread Tarot Cards?

You can arrange your cards in an infinite number of ways. The following multi-card spreads are a good place to start if you are ready to move beyond single-card pulls. Breathe deeply and evenly, and tune into your gut instinct as you move:

Illustration of Cards

Card 1:This card illustrates what you can do to change things in your life.

Card 2: Provides advice on how to look after belief during this procedure.

Card 3: acts as a guide to help you find your centre energy.


The person’s experience determines the advantages and accuracy of any benefits, and each person’s results can differ.


The science of Tarot cards and mental perceptions are the basis for this. Please choose your best path based on your understanding because they create no promises about miracles.


These 78 cards that make up the Tarot cards have different meanings. You can judge your life by collecting the cards and reading them as a story. The spiritual themes and your energy are the two divisions of the deck that allow you to view dimensions, experiences, people, and characteristics in your life.


Your path is created beautifully if your destiny occurs in a tarot reading because each zodiac sign is a

connected to cards.

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