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JioCinema & IPLCinema : Evaluating the Business Side of IPL

JioCinema has taken inspiration from MS Dhoni to revolutionise digital streaming for IPL 2023. Available free to Jio telecom network subscribers, the app has proven popular with viewers. IPL Cinema is revolution for IPL News Reader.

IPL franchises not only make their living from broadcast and digital ad revenue but also from brand sponsorships, prize money sales and merchandise revenue.

Broadcast Rights

Media rights represent over half of IPL revenues. Central Kitty and Merchandising earnings also play an integral part but their effects tend to be more unpredictable, making it harder to accurately predict franchise brand value growth from these earnings alone.

JioCinema has revolutionized how consumers watch and consume IPL. Consumers now demand interactivity from digital media they consume – they want the ability to pause, replay and control their viewing experience on-the-go – placing immense strain on linear TV services like Star World.

JioCinema aims to reinvent how consumers watch TATA IPL. Through an array of interactive fan-centric digital offerings, viewers will have unprecedented control over when and where they experience IPL matches this season.

This innovative approach shows that modern OTTs offer much more than simple digital streaming platforms: they create experiences, build communities and broadcast live sports broadcasts – providing fan-centric digital experiences powered by data.

JioCinema IPL campaign achieved more than 32 million concurrent views during the 2023 IPL final – setting a global record and surpassing Hotstar’s previous mark of 25.3 million concurrent viewers. JioCinema IPL offers an unparalleled digital media experience for viewers through an advanced video analytics engine and comprehensive media asset management system, creating an end-to-end digital media journey tailored to each viewer’s unique preferences. JioCinema provides an immersive video viewing experience powered by 5G that supports high frame rate and HDR content on any device, for an unprecedented IPL streaming experience with more digital features available on one platform than ever before. JioCinema’s digital offering also tackles cost of consumption by providing free-to-view access to IPL matches – which has proven crucial in increasing subscriber acquisition and retention with SVOD platforms.

Television Rights

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is an entertainment phenomenon and sports business holy grail. Boasting per-match broadcast valuation that rivals even America’s National Football League and marketing hotbed for major brands, its teams reap substantial revenue through sponsorships & ticket sales; media rights earnings also play a crucial role; recently completed contracts saw average team prices soar over Rs 12 crore since previous five-year cycles!

This new rights deal has increased the total value of IPL to around Rs 10.9 trillion, including TV/digital rights as well as merchandise sales, venue revenues and ad sales. According to estimates, over 70% of its overall revenue comes from media rights alone.

Though digital streaming services have seen dramatic popularity increases in recent years, linear TV continues to dominate IPL coverage. Ad sales through IPL coverage reached nearly $8 billion last year; marketers keenly observe shifting viewing habits across platforms.

JioCinema stands out as an outstanding digital-only IPL coverage platform, offering viewers a truly captivating viewing experience across seven languages and six-seven camera angles. Furthermore, this year the platform offers smartphone viewers the option of following matches through their handset while keeping the TV turned on – an innovative addition.

However, digital ad rates on IPL platforms remain substantially lower than their TV equivalents due to India’s limited Internet reach, expensive data plans and lower smartphone penetration than TV sets. But with 5G technology becoming available and India experiencing economic development, digital advertising sales for IPL will likely see exponential growth.

Digital ad sales for IPL may surpass TV ad revenue for the first time ever in its history, thanks to Reliance-owned digital streaming platform JioCinema which has partnered with more than 20 top brands including Dream11, Tiago EV, Castrol Appy Fizz ET Money Oreo Haier etc.

Digital Rights

Indian Premier League (IPL) is a global sports phenomenon with per-match broadcast valuation second only to America’s National Football League. As an advertising holy grail, television channels, streaming services and traditional broadcasters compete fiercely for live game broadcasting rights; Reliance JioCinema from Mukesh Ambani has made waves by purchasing digital rights for IPL 2023-2027 cycle at an unprecedented bargain price and offering free streaming of all matches on its platform.

JioCinema’s decision to offer free streaming of all IPL matches could have far-reaching ramifications for the Indian OTT (over-the-top digital subscription landscape). It could force other subscription video on demand platforms (SVOD) like Hotstar to increase content investment and raise subscription prices or risk losing paying subscribers to competitors.

JioCinema’s decision may also have an adverse effect on ad revenue as its reduced viewer count may affect advertisers in an already competitive landscape; they need ways to maximise reach while keeping costs per viewer down; this is why digital formats like in-stream video have become so prevalent.

Qualitative feedback from evaluators revealed several issues affecting metadata ratings: (1) lack of keywords, (2) inadequate number of keywords and (3) subpar quality keywords that often were too general or too specific and did not add any real value to the metadata. In addition, several evaluators discovered abstracts were often too informal or written as though by someone within the web site itself rather than from an outside observer perspective – factors which had an adverse impact on ratings.

Another problem was inconsistency in metadata development. For instance, some records did not have author name fields and others did not adhere to IPL collection guidelines (i.e. authors should be listed with last name first name format as recommended) properly; additionally some records didn’t even feature any description fields at all!

Merchandise Rights

IPL boasts a huge fan base, and generates revenues through merchandise sales. Supporters purchase team jerseys, caps and other accessories to show their love for their team; these products can be found both online and at team stores. In addition, marketing channels such as social media advertising, television commercials and outdoor banners help promote matches throughout the tournament.

India Premier League’s popularity has led to an exponentially rising brand value. Media rights for each match of this tournament are valued between $8-10 billion per game – making it one of the world’s most valuable sporting events. Due to rising viewership numbers and cricket being so well received in India, its value has skyrocketed exponentially. know about media investment on Pioneer EPaper

The Indian Premier League is an iconic sporting tournament with global appeal, and its broadcast rights represent an advertising prize-trove. IPL broadcast valuation per match is second only to that of NFL in America. Additionally, its merchandise rights can bring huge returns as brands vie to sponsor this renowned sporting event.

In June 2022, BCCI held an auction for IPL domestic television and digital rights for the first time ever. Reliance Industries won most of the TV rights at Rs 23,758 crore while Disney Star were awarded digital rights at Rs 8,090 crore. JioCinema from Reliance Industries joined with 20 top brands such as Dream11, JioMart, PhonePe, ET Money Tiago EV Bingo Oreo Castrol TVS AJIO Louis Philippe Jeans RuPay to provide live digital streaming of IPL 2023 digitally streamed directly onto digital screens all around India and digitally streamed out to global viewers worldwide.

American consultancy firm TNS reports that the IPL is currently the world’s most valuable sports league in terms of sponsorships and merchandise rights. Since 2015, sponsorship revenues have doubled and the event is now an essential component of India’s sports economy. Millions of Indians enjoy watching it each season as it serves as an iconic cultural icon while helping build economic infrastructure across India.

The Indian Premier League boasts a diverse pool of sponsors and generates income through in-stadium sponsorships, while also serving as an important source of funding for teams to use towards financing training facilities and expenses. Teams also rely on revenue generated through merchandising rights that must adhere to IPL rules – these will likely be overseen by a central agency that manages them all for all teams competing in it.

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