Way to Verify Your Emirates id Status

Emirates ID is important and compulsory id proof for UAE citizens. Every specific relocating to the UAE must get the Emirates ID.

How to inspect the Emirates ID status?

When you have obtained a new Emirates ID or got your existing card restored or replaced here are the actions to be followed to get the Emirates ID status. The EIDA( Emirates Identity Authority) keeps the card applicant updated from time to time through text messages that are sent out to the mobile number given on the application.

  • Action 1: Go to the ICP website.
  • Step 2: Go Into the Emirates ID or Application number under the “Quick Browse” tab.

Here the candidates can track each and every detail of the card process. In order to preserve openness, the EIDA provides the real-time status of the application like “Card is printed”, “Card is dispatched” and so on,.

Indicate be noted while examining the Emirates ID status

  • There are no charges for Emirates ID tracking
  • The Emirates ID would be delivered in maximum 5 working days from the date of application
  • For any other queries concerning the application, candidates can call EIDA on 600522222.
  • Apart from the Emirates ID card status, the applicants can examine the history of the application that includes the date of the application submitted, validated, printed, etc, also.

History of the application log:

The application history log includes.

  • Application developed: Once the Emirates ID application form is filled the status would be upgraded as such.
  • Application sent for printing: The application will be sent for printing
  • Confirmation: The application will be validated by examining the documents sent
  • Card printed: This will be updated as soon as the card is printed
  • Card dispatched: Once the Emirates ID is printed it will be sent to the post office of your area.

Eligibility to obtain Emirates ID

Every UAE resident is eligible for the Emirates ID and note that having an Emirates ID for UAE locals is obligatory.

How to request an Emirates ID?

Emirates ID can be applied by going to the Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship( ICP) website or through a mobile app or visiting the typing centers. Through the ICP website:There are couple of steps to be followed to obtain the Emirates ID online.

  • Visit the ICP site
  • Fill the form for new registration- The form would have standard fields like name, age, occupation, etc, of the applicant.
  • Submit the application by paying the service fees

When the kind is sent the candidate would receive a text message which has the serial number of the application. The applicant should go to the service center pointed out in the message in order to give the biometrics and go through some medical tests. The applicant will be kept updated with the status of the Emirates ID through text message.

Service charge for an Emirates ID

The service fees charged differs on an Emirates ID depends upon the validity of the Emirates ID and the classification chose i.e., a brand-new card, renewal of the existing card or changing the card.

  • For a brand-new card or renewal of existing card for UAE nationals or GCC nationals, AED 100 is charged( credibility 5 years)
  • For a brand-new card or renewal of existing card for UAE nationals or GCC nationals, AED 200 is charged( credibility ten years)
  • For expats, AED 100( annually) is charged for a brand-new card or renewal of the old card.

Extra charges are charged depending on the way the application is sent. If the application is sent through any printing office AED 70 is charged or if the application is submitted through ICA site AED 40 is charged. This applies for UAE nationals, GCC nationals, and expats. Additionally, within the offered how to check visa status using passport number, you can likewise validate the validity of your visa by simply entering your passport number. This hassle-free feature allows tourists to guarantee their visa status is current, offering peace of mind for smooth travel experiences. By following the outlined actions, you can easily access crucial details about your visa status, ensuring compliance with immigration guidelines and helping with hassle-free journeys.

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